Dear Me

Me thinks me is having conversations with myself here lol. Upon reflection, perhaps I do not write enough, or maybe it’s not personal enough. I need to explore further. I envisioned presenting pockets of nature and drawing upon their beauty with limited text. But dear me, this approach ain’t working! Get another, “ok me” 😉

tree of knowledge

“As above, so below, as within, so without” (Hermes Trismegistus). ……….tree of knowledge I say (symbolic of as within, so without)………Harmony between the spiritual and the physical is well embodied by our motherland and clearly on display for those who are paying attention. Our inner worlds, and our outer worlds, are indeed reflections of each other. As I take my nature strolls and soak in these messages, I reflect upon the degree to which I am applying the aforementioned messages in my own life. I think about how I polish the outside e.g,, put makeup on, brush my teeth, wash and brush my hair and wear clean well presented clothing. But, how much am I doing for my insides? Am I meditating enough? Am I feeding my body enough nutrients? It is futile to take care of the outward and neglect the inward, as eventually the inward will seep outwards. Ultimately, I am soooo grateful to mother nature for her guidance, and I am listening to her reminders….

Coconut Gallery

Wow……nature’s symmetry never ceases to steal my breath away. Like absorbing this beautiful coconut tree that generously filled my eyes, and sank into my soul, on my recent trip to New Guinea. There is the centered coconuts, and then the fanning of the branches that swirl with all encompassing, busy immediacy. The aforementioned combined features (which may appear at first glance as opposing/conflicting) not only enhance one another, but remind one that being calm and centered, and open to growth, does not necessarily occur in the absence of navigating complex multi layered directions and pathways. Nature indeed is no coincidence, messages abound when one peers in deeply enough.

Heart shapes align

Go down to the paddock’s edge, where the sun beams in the moment, its heart stark naked, held in time……

Each day I turn to nature to self soothe and lose myself in mindfulness. What mother nature consistently invites, along with such mindful states, is ‘heartfullness’. That is, a state of being pure and immersed from the divine heart energy.

Moreover, the science of happiness indicates that to do something for oneself, that one likes doing, is medicinal in and of itself. Hence, a heart alignment with our sublime motherland, at least once a day, is not to be underestimated. I have heard people say, “Oh, if you have seen one nature vista you have seen them all”. The aforementioned thinking invites me to squirm, as on the contrary, mother nature is continually evolving and offers up different shades and moods, often matching our own. Go soak our great mother land in I say, and promote lullaby soul connections and your own wellbeing…..